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GoPro Helmet Camera

GoPro Helmet Cameras

GoPro are the ultimate brand when it comes to high-definition video geared for extreme sports. Motocross is just one of a number of sports that GoPro helmet cameras can be used with; in fact you don't even necessarily need to strap it to your helmet to get great footage! See more.

There is a simplistic beauty to the design of the GoPro. This camera is truly easy to use and operate whilst it's mounted up in any scenario. The designers at GoPro are all extreme and free-sport junkies, knowing all too well exactly what features a customer would want and need from their product. It's for this reason that you will find the GoPro so feature packed! From the ease of the user-friendly interface, to the slow-motion abilities, GoPro really have thought of everything.

GoPro helmet cameras can be seen all over the place if you keep your eye out. Many YouTube videos are recorded with a GoPro camera and they can be seen regularly on major television channels being used by the broadcasters. The popularity of GoPro helmet cameras with broadcasters is simple to understand really, the versatility of the GoPro allows producers to easily take cameras to places where taking a large conventional TV camera to would be troublesome. On top of this when they arrive and start filming they are capturing the very best high-definition broadcast-quality footage.

The GoPro helmet cameras we have in stock here at Vision MX are truly splendid, recording amazing video and being built to resist knocks and shocks. In addition to this all GoPro cameras come in a protective housing which is weather resistant! Each GoPro camera that is wrapped up tightly in its housing is waterproof to an impressive 60 metres. If you're not planning on riding in the rain but instead you'd like to hit some dirt trails in the blazing heat, then a GoPro skeleton housing might be just what you're looking for. These housings aren't water resistant but are still dust proof whilst offering an increased sound clarity!

Whilst GoPro helmet cameras are perfect for recording amazing rider point-of-view Motocross video, we understand that for many extreme sports enthusiasts it's unlikely that Motocross will be the only action sport that you pursue. As a result we stock a host of official GoPro accessories to let you use your GoPro helmet camera for different sports or for shooting the action from different angles. Amongst the GoPro accessories available there are maintenance kits for keeping your camera in tip-top condition and different mounts so you can find the perfect spot to position your camera.

We know you'll love the GoPro products available from us here at Vision MX. For use with Motocross or another sport or past time, GoPro helmet cameras are an excellent way to capture the most daring of action.

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